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★Video 2

Tagma Metal Project                                 Leave Your Essence





Video 3

Tagma Metal Project

Heavy Baião

★ Video 4

Jully Lee Live at Girls On Drums 2012 in São Paulo (Girls Drum Festival)

Video 5

Tagma Metal Project

Terry 3

Video 6

Tagma Metal Project

The World Is Fading

Video 7

Jully Lee Drummer -TERRY 3                                (Tagma Metal Project) LIVE SESSION ★

 ★ Video 8

Jully Lee Drummer- Leave Your Essence

(Tagma Metal Project) LIVE SESSION ★

★ Video 9

Sephion (Feat Jully Lee Drummer)

Devil May Cry ★

★ Video 10

Sephion ( Feat Jully Lee Drummer)

Fucking War







Tagma Metal Project                                        






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